Our Best & Worst on V-day.

Valentine’s Day… You either love it or hate it in our case were somewhere in the middle. We wanted to share with you our best and worst experiences on Love day. Let’s just get the worst out of the way now (rip the band-aid off)

• Being stood up on Valentine’s Day- What’s worse than being stood up on Valentine’s day? Being stood up when you’re supposed to go on a freakin Valentines double date! I should have known better meeting this guy at a bar called “the black hole” but against my better judgement and the fact that we had mutual friends I just went with it (when in Rome right?!) so after weeks of planning and a couple of dates with this guy it was time for our double date with friends. Hours of double texting and calling later, I concluded that this date was not happening. My friends had come and gone and I was left embarrassed and alone on Valentine’s day. 😦 But in true girlfriend fashion I had a backup plan! I reached out to an old flame, ya know just checking on him *insert side smirk* and he came through with gifts and all! Thus restoring my Valentine’s Day and faith in humanity.

• The Valentines’ Day Massacre- Started out as your perfect cliché Valentines date. Went to see a movie and dinner followed. We were seated at the restaurant and ordered our drinks (I was dying to try the pink punk martini) but first I had to tinkle. I went to the ladies room and upon my return little did I know some creep with a whole date was eyeing me as I walked back to the table. Side note: My boyfriend was not having it! His immediate reaction was rage. He kept asking the creep to admit that he was staring and the guy brushed him off. And just like that the fire was lit! My boyfriend pulled the guy out of the booth and started fighting him. Yes, we were kicked out of the restaurant before the appetizers even hit the table.

Now for the good stuff..

• Private Pasta Night- The key to a great Valentine’s day is attention to detail. For me, it was having a private tasting in one of the trendiest restaurants in Maryland and going on a surprise trip to get my outfit for our date night. Pulling up to an empty restaurant, my first reaction was did this man really take me to a restaurant that’s closed?! Did he even plan this at all?! But before I even had a chance to start an argument he told me to get out the car and go inside. I walked in to a full Vietnamese spread just for us from the sparkling plum wine to the spicy glazed pork belly everything was perfect!

• After School Special- We all know how lame it is when Valentines falls on a weekday this particular year it was a Tuesday. And while i wanted to spend all day doing cute stuff with Bae life had other plans. I had spent the whole day working and then had to go to class right after. (Apparently Valentine’s dinner plans does not count as an excused absence) So after class i just decided to go home and chalk this up and just another uneventful Valentines Day. Until i got a text from Bae to stop by his apartment when i arrived i was surprised by balloons, music, and a home cooked dinner. Everything was so thought out and sweet. My Valentine’s Day started out not great but ended quite nicely.

Valentine’s is possibly the sketchiest holiday of them all. So rather you totally killed it or just didn’t get it right. Don’t beat yourself up boo!


Keep it classy!

The Girlfriends ❤️