Two Girls, Three Courses: The Elephant.


For restaurant week summer edition, the girlfriends dined at The Elephant, a new American restaurant in one of our favorite neighborhoods Mount Vernon. The Elephant was unexpected to say the least, even after rolling in late the staff was super accommodating (They even had a place to put my drenched umbrella)! The building was rich with history. The brass and wood detailing made us feel as if we were in the 1920’s. Of course, we ordered from the restaurant week prefix menu. The first course we tried was the heirloom tomato salad which was perfectly seasoned, a play on the panzella salad with the croutons was a great touch. We also tried the BL”T” slider that included bacon, lettuce, watermelon, and basil pesto. The watermelon was so refreshing a perfect complement to the saltiness of the bacon. For the second course, the chilled Asian noodles is a must have! The sesame dressing was everything. The short rib was super tender my only complaint is that there wasn’t more. The jerk chicken pizza was done just right, the jerk chicken was not overly spicy, and the mango sealed the authentic tropical taste. For dessert, we had the cinnamon roll and the chocolate peanut butter tart. After dinner we explored the upstairs lounge recommended by the owner Steven. We were immediately mesmerized by the white marble bar. We got lucky going on a Thursday night, picture this enjoying a live jazz band under a gold chandelier and a candle lit atmosphere (major speak easy vibes). It was an amazing night we will be back and not just because I forgot my umbrella!


Visit the Elephant for a tranquil dining experience and be sure to follow them @theelephantbaltimore on Instagram.



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Breaking Bread with Girlfriends: Carleen, The Unconventional Traditionalist.



For our first breaking bread interview we met with Carleen Goodridge the creator of Le Monade beverage boutique and plated by Le Monade catering company. We met at the beautiful Rec Pier Chop House restaurant inside of the Sagamore Pendry hotel. A great conversation over an exceptional meal. Carleen’s positive energy is infectious! A native New Yorker with roots in Liberia, she uses every experience to influence a beautiful brand. Le Monade beverage boutique is artisanal drinks, simple syrups, and wellness blends. Le Monade consists of local and natural ingredients meant to refresh, nourish, and inspire. Plated by Le Monade is a catering company where dinners consist of deconstructed west African food specifically Liberian cuisine which is a blend of southern American and Caribbean influences. The signature edible tablescapes, featuring citrus and tropical fruit are both appealing to the eye as well as a nourishing snack between courses.

Carleen dropped some serious gems about living your truth and being unapologetically you. A space that undoubtedly takes a journey to get to. “Every no and every wrong turn got me to where I am today.” She exclaimed as she opened about how rejection and failure ultimately lead to progress. The advice that she had for entrepreneurs is to not confuse success with money, find what you love, do not strive to keep up with the Jones’. The importance of rest and self-care were a huge topic. She spoke about how overworking leads to mental, physical, and relationship issues. Although she learned the hard way, she now secures time for rest and her well-being. Have you ever heard of a blue zone? (Yup we didn’t either). It is areas around the world where people are the happiest and live the longest. Carleen used to live in a blue zone in Ft. Worth, Texas. Where people ate healthier, maintained a healthy work balance, and understood the importance of healthy relationships, #Goals! If you did not know Carleen has four beautiful children and proper eating habits are something she values for her and her family. She shared her recipe for an avocado based chocolate pudding, while explaining how to find alternative options to replace guilty pleasures. “Spending more on quality ingredients is much better than spending money on hospital bills.” There is no price tag on joy was a phrase that stood out to us while discussing how money does not equal success or true wealth. Believe it or not Carleen is a city girl with a country heart who truly believes in being content with the simple things. Picture this, her vision is turning a bus into a mobile home or living on a farm raising livestock who rock her handmade flower crowns (seriously, how cute!) Carleen has a true love for décor she lit up on the topic of making your home appealing to you and making your kitchen your sexy place. We bonded over our love for bargain décor and Target clearance! We left super inspired after meeting with Carleen. We learned so much about health, growth, and embracing yourself. Carleen’s story is a pure depiction of taking life’s lemons and turning them into Le Monade. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences and allowing us to use these gems to inspire others!

For more about Carleen’s businesses follow @le_monade_  & on Instagram.

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Day. Night.

This Saturday was way too live to just pick one event. So, we didn’t! Our Saturday started at the Motor House Baltimore for beautifulpplusa’s something like a juke joint. From the moment we walked in it was impossible to miss the impeccable fashion, the contagious laughter, and the high energy on the dancefloor, this party embodied beautiful people. The perfect mix of afro beats and R&B. We couldn’t help but to move (thundaclap for the win!). The specialty cocktails were the Soul Glow an old fashioned with a little ginger kick and Cut a Rug a pineapple punch with sweet almond, fresh mint, and basil. This day party was a great kick off for the rest of the night. 1D3213A4-3B7C-4966-A9AD-CB5B9691BD9FCF245056-A00E-4702-83A3-C6AD66BD9DCB7DBA21BF-D17E-45A9-936C-C84A821D46CBDB622B55-D5D4-4786-A776-5091612A13DC
Onto the next event… The Night Brunch this sold out event did not disappoint! Greeted in the parking lot by Outstanding by the Gap band and the amazing smell of Chef Morrow’s cooking we immediately got family cookout vibes (When we saw the meat cage we knew it was about to go down!) The consistency of the chill atmosphere throughout the entire night with such a large group of people was unbelievable. The board games were an awesome touch! Imagine playing connect four while jamming to Bruno and Cardi … yeah doesn’t get much better. Thank you, Jason, for this innovative event to kick off our summer. 63BA3E5F-C9CB-4DD5-BC76-A31488C19088019D7545-DFFF-4070-8A36-598935B2E460A1E797B0-30DA-44D5-97E7-64B984F7E6A8
Our night would not be complete without junk food reflection. Shout out the good people at LB Skybar for leaving the kitchen open a few minutes later so we could have girl talk over pizza and tacos.0766266E-437E-4764-90A5-8202C7958C2F
That’s our weekend recap.

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And then there was Pizza!


After weeks of our favorite local bloggers raving and our millionth replay of the Nutella calzone Instagram videos we made it to Midici in Whitemarsh. We were pleasantly surprised by the easy parking on a Friday night. The atmosphere felt warm and friendly we were immediately greeted by the manager and the chef. At first glance you think upscale sit-down restaurant but the self-seating and ordering gave us classic pizzeria vibes. Seeing as it was national meatball day we thought we had our dish figured out but the smell of that pizza though… So, pizza it was! we tried the margherita and egg and bacon pizzas. If you are looking for an authentic Italian pizza the margherita is for you! The dough was chewy yet crisp from the brick oven. The egg bacon pizza… There was potato, sausage, bacon, and an egg in the middle need I say more (didn’t think so!) For our healthier option we had the burrata and pear which did not disappoint! And for the grand finale *cues Rocky theme music* we had the infamous Nutella Calzone and yes it was everything we had dreamed of and so much more! Warm pizza dough, fresh berries drizzled Nutella a perfect ending to a delicious dinner. Whether post movie date night or after a shopping trip with the girls Midici is a go to and an awesome new flare to the Avenue in Whitemarsh!
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Treat yo self! Mondays


For our first edition of Treat yo self! Mondays, we treated ourselves to some cupcakes with a side of cookie dough from Flavor cupcakery in Bel Air, Maryland. Flavor was featured on cupcake wars so we decided to have a cupcake war of our own. Below are the results. Number one being our fav.
1. The Wedding Cake- CHILE! When we tell you, this cupcake had us ready to put a ring on it! A perfect blend of almond cake and vanilla buttercream. Simplicity at its best!
2. The Cookies and Cream- This cupcake is how all chocolate cake should taste! Perfectly rich and the cookies cream icing tasted like we were eating an Oreo!
3. The S’mores- The marshmallow icing paired with the rich chocolate cake and graham cracker crust gave us the warm feeling of a S’more without the campfire. (Cause we don’t do the forest!)
4. The Pineapple Upside Down Cake- The yellow cake gave us Auntie vibes, the pineapple in the middle and caramel icing was a surprising yet needed twist.

Bonus: The chocolate chip cookie dough is lit! Get you some.
Thank you Flavor Cupcakery for treating us on this fine Monday.

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