Day. Night.

This Saturday was way too live to just pick one event. So, we didn’t! Our Saturday started at the Motor House Baltimore for beautifulpplusa’s something like a juke joint. From the moment we walked in it was impossible to miss the impeccable fashion, the contagious laughter, and the high energy on the dancefloor, this party embodied beautiful people. The perfect mix of afro beats and R&B. We couldn’t help but to move (thundaclap for the win!). The specialty cocktails were the Soul Glow an old fashioned with a little ginger kick and Cut a Rug a pineapple punch with sweet almond, fresh mint, and basil. This day party was a great kick off for the rest of the night. 1D3213A4-3B7C-4966-A9AD-CB5B9691BD9FCF245056-A00E-4702-83A3-C6AD66BD9DCB7DBA21BF-D17E-45A9-936C-C84A821D46CBDB622B55-D5D4-4786-A776-5091612A13DC
Onto the next event… The Night Brunch this sold out event did not disappoint! Greeted in the parking lot by Outstanding by the Gap band and the amazing smell of Chef Morrow’s cooking we immediately got family cookout vibes (When we saw the meat cage we knew it was about to go down!) The consistency of the chill atmosphere throughout the entire night with such a large group of people was unbelievable. The board games were an awesome touch! Imagine playing connect four while jamming to Bruno and Cardi … yeah doesn’t get much better. Thank you, Jason, for this innovative event to kick off our summer. 63BA3E5F-C9CB-4DD5-BC76-A31488C19088019D7545-DFFF-4070-8A36-598935B2E460A1E797B0-30DA-44D5-97E7-64B984F7E6A8
Our night would not be complete without junk food reflection. Shout out the good people at LB Skybar for leaving the kitchen open a few minutes later so we could have girl talk over pizza and tacos.0766266E-437E-4764-90A5-8202C7958C2F
That’s our weekend recap.

Keep it Classy!

The Girlfriends ❤