Breaking Bread with Girlfriends: Carleen, The Unconventional Traditionalist.



For our first breaking bread interview we met with Carleen Goodridge the creator of Le Monade beverage boutique and plated by Le Monade catering company. We met at the beautiful Rec Pier Chop House restaurant inside of the Sagamore Pendry hotel. A great conversation over an exceptional meal. Carleen’s positive energy is infectious! A native New Yorker with roots in Liberia, she uses every experience to influence a beautiful brand. Le Monade beverage boutique is artisanal drinks, simple syrups, and wellness blends. Le Monade consists of local and natural ingredients meant to refresh, nourish, and inspire. Plated by Le Monade is a catering company where dinners consist of deconstructed west African food specifically Liberian cuisine which is a blend of southern American and Caribbean influences. The signature edible tablescapes, featuring citrus and tropical fruit are both appealing to the eye as well as a nourishing snack between courses.

Carleen dropped some serious gems about living your truth and being unapologetically you. A space that undoubtedly takes a journey to get to. “Every no and every wrong turn got me to where I am today.” She exclaimed as she opened about how rejection and failure ultimately lead to progress. The advice that she had for entrepreneurs is to not confuse success with money, find what you love, do not strive to keep up with the Jones’. The importance of rest and self-care were a huge topic. She spoke about how overworking leads to mental, physical, and relationship issues. Although she learned the hard way, she now secures time for rest and her well-being. Have you ever heard of a blue zone? (Yup we didn’t either). It is areas around the world where people are the happiest and live the longest. Carleen used to live in a blue zone in Ft. Worth, Texas. Where people ate healthier, maintained a healthy work balance, and understood the importance of healthy relationships, #Goals! If you did not know Carleen has four beautiful children and proper eating habits are something she values for her and her family. She shared her recipe for an avocado based chocolate pudding, while explaining how to find alternative options to replace guilty pleasures. “Spending more on quality ingredients is much better than spending money on hospital bills.” There is no price tag on joy was a phrase that stood out to us while discussing how money does not equal success or true wealth. Believe it or not Carleen is a city girl with a country heart who truly believes in being content with the simple things. Picture this, her vision is turning a bus into a mobile home or living on a farm raising livestock who rock her handmade flower crowns (seriously, how cute!) Carleen has a true love for décor she lit up on the topic of making your home appealing to you and making your kitchen your sexy place. We bonded over our love for bargain décor and Target clearance! We left super inspired after meeting with Carleen. We learned so much about health, growth, and embracing yourself. Carleen’s story is a pure depiction of taking life’s lemons and turning them into Le Monade. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences and allowing us to use these gems to inspire others!

For more about Carleen’s businesses follow @le_monade_  & on Instagram.

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Girls Got the Juice.

6B5E0B13-CB31-4CEE-8198-5235941A30B0BAF216EC-C1D1-4F2B-9111-5A9450AF7D79A226309E-35F8-46CE-AB3D-A5EA6E3956BCCBF7B19B-4F2B-4C4B-A1D3-FA37E317774621731C47-F2EE-452C-9870-8B0680D8C5E57F76F85A-B747-4AA5-9AF7-1046D889147A5CCBA627-0553-41B0-A3A6-CF5CD53A12B9On Friday, we had the pleasure of attending Taste charm city’s live “Juice Episode” at Tera Café Baltimore. Chef Cat sat down with a panel of six ladies that specialized in juices that promote healing and healthy living. All the ladies had unique and inspiring stories but ultimately shared the same goal to inspire and heal others. At the event we sampled and purchased some amazing products from some of the lovely ladies we also had a chance to try a small plate from Tera Café (ya girls were hungry!) The crab balls with old bay aioli was seasoned to perfection! Tera Café’s staff were very attentive and accommodating. Now for the juices!

·         Chlorophyll Alkaline Water by @flowbmore this water is super smooth the chlorophyll and alkaline is not overpowering in taste. This water is a definite go to for a first day detox.

·         Quench by @drjen_knowsskin Very refreshing, the watermelon and cucumber stole the show in this juice.

·         Beets by Dr. J @drjen_knowsskin Super sweet, if you love smoothies this drink is for you!

·         Ginger Rose by @le_monade_ The ginger awakens your taste buds with a subtle finish of rose water. It gets better with every sip!

·          Citrus Thyme by @le_monade_ Warm citrus taste with the aromatics of thyme. Paired with champagne would make the perfect girlfriends brunch cocktail.

Super bummed that we did not get to sample all the juices from the ladies but we look forward to connecting with them and trying their products. Follow them! @lovewaterandjuice @tastebudtherapist @veganjuiceology and many thanks to @naturallychefcat for putting together an awesome event and giving a platform to female entrepreneurs.


 Keep it Classy!

The Girlfriends ❤