Culture Creators.

Our first culture creator is Monique Dove a visual artist that aims to evoke cohesion using artistic expression, acceptance of different perspectives, and the love of humanity. The girlfriends attended Monique’s second art exhibition “Freedom of expression and communication beyond lines, bias, traditions, and cultures. Monique uses visual art and poetry to address issues and bring change to the streets of Baltimore. This exhibition was very different from your average art showing. Yes, we viewed prints and sketches but Monique also made time for a q&a session and a get to know the artist segment. Monique was very open and transparent with personal stories explaining where she came from, the work she has done, and what she would like to accomplish in the future. The part that stood out to us the most was her explaining the inspiration for two of her pieces, her best friend being murdered and how art helped her cope with this pain as well as help other who were going through similar situations. Monique not only used this exhibition to showcase her art but also to inspire others to affect change by using their talents as well. Thank you Monique for sharing your art, being a culture creator, visionary, and true light to everyone around of you.

To contact and see more of Monique’s work.
Instagram: @Megapixelstoryteller
Facebook: Monique Dove

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Treat yo self! Mondays


For our first edition of Treat yo self! Mondays, we treated ourselves to some cupcakes with a side of cookie dough from Flavor cupcakery in Bel Air, Maryland. Flavor was featured on cupcake wars so we decided to have a cupcake war of our own. Below are the results. Number one being our fav.
1. The Wedding Cake- CHILE! When we tell you, this cupcake had us ready to put a ring on it! A perfect blend of almond cake and vanilla buttercream. Simplicity at its best!
2. The Cookies and Cream- This cupcake is how all chocolate cake should taste! Perfectly rich and the cookies cream icing tasted like we were eating an Oreo!
3. The S’mores- The marshmallow icing paired with the rich chocolate cake and graham cracker crust gave us the warm feeling of a S’more without the campfire. (Cause we don’t do the forest!)
4. The Pineapple Upside Down Cake- The yellow cake gave us Auntie vibes, the pineapple in the middle and caramel icing was a surprising yet needed twist.

Bonus: The chocolate chip cookie dough is lit! Get you some.
Thank you Flavor Cupcakery for treating us on this fine Monday.

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Two girls, Three courses.



The girlfriends guide to restaurant week.

Night One- The Food Market

Our first night of restaurant week was off to a good start arriving at the food market receiving complimentary valet. Our reservation was set for 7:45pm we arrived 20 minutes early and were seated immediately. The restaurant gave a warm casual dining feel with communal seating and sociable vibes. This was an ideal place for a girl’s night out, you can share guilt free conversation and good laughs. Our waiter that we affectionately nicknamed our “Main Man Matt” was attentive from start to finish. After literally starving ourselves all day in anticipation for this feast we were about to partake in, you can only imagine what happened when Matt placed the focaccia bread in front of us. Our cocktail of choice was the Hanks Pym’s Cup which wasn’t overly strong and captured warm notes of orange and ginger. We both ordered from the restaurant week prix fixe menu. For our first courses, we ordered the mini beef wellington poppers and hot roasted Brussels. Upon first seeing the mini beef wellington poppers we couldn’t help but think “just two?” we also did not taste the foie gras or the duxelle mushrooms overall the dish just kind of lacked in flavor. The hot roasted brussels stole the show for the first course garnished with Cajun bacon and liquid goat cheese. Moving on to the entrees we ordered the crab pot pie and the roasted beef short rib. The crab pot pie came out hot, the crust was perfectly crisp yet light the filling was creamy and full of crab. The roasted beef short rib was super tender and I could have drank the hickory jus with a straw (yes it was that good!) Now onto our personal favorite, desserts! *insert praise hands* we ordered the half-baked blondie and the heathbar bread pudding. The blondie gave us all the nostalgia of grandma’s fresh baked cookies straight out the oven warm, rich, and just all around delicious. The Heathbar bread pudding was thick the way I like it and the caramel pretty much had me licking my plate. Thanks for having us Food Market and the girlfriends will be back!

Night Two- Roy’s of Baltimore

Our second night out was at Roy’s of Baltimore it started with valet service which was nine dollars with validation from the restaurant. We arrived about 10 minutes early and were immediately seated. The dining area was dimly lit perfect for a date night or corporate meeting (had to keep the volume of our girl talk to a minimum). Upon seating, our waiter asked our preference of water, the choices included iced or bottled and still or sparkling. Okay girlfriend breakdown… iced water is tap water; bottled water means they are charging you in our case it was one plastic bottle of Fiji water for us to share (not our idea of fine dining but okay). We had a glass of Chloe rose wine which was light and sweet. For our first course, we ordered crab rangoons and a petite wedge salad. The crab rangoons by themselves would have been perfect, the pineapple lemon sweet and sour sauce was amazing too but just not for that dish. The petite wedge salad was fresh, crisp and very flavorful. Honestly the first course was the highlight of our Roy’s experience. For our entrees, we ordered the half-roasted chicken and the tender braised lamb shank. The half-roasted chicken was obviously not brined, it was extremely dry and I found myself submerging it in the mashed potatoes and gravy to have any flavor at all. The braised lamb shank was tender but bland with only a half scoop of polenta (side note Stacia really loves polenta ☹). And now for the dessert, we ordered the Lilikoi crème brulee and the warm banana brioche bread pudding. The lilikoi crème brulee was more like a yogurt with a burnt coconut tuile. The warm banana brioche bread pudding had an awkward texture. Overall, we were not impressed with the dishes served at Roy’s. It felt like there was no effort put into the restaurant week menu. Based on this experience we have no interest in returning. It’s been real Roy!

Night Three- Rye Street Tavern

For our final night, during restaurant week we visited Rye Street Tavern we were mesmerized by the beautiful estate. Located next to the Sagamore Spirit distillery the string lighting and open design created a warm vibe before even entering the restaurant. We were seated immediately, the wood detailing, wall mounted moose head, and gold accents created the coziness of a lodge we truly forgot we were in Baltimore. We started with a bottle of Saratoga water and our cocktail of choice was the Sinatra sour (we were low key obsessed with their novelty ice cubes). Not long after we were seated we were brought their house made cornbread with whipped butter, the cornbread was warm, moist, and had a surprising pop of flavor of sweet scallion. For the first course, we ordered the black bean soup and the fried green tomatoes. The black bean soup was smooth and the lime crema completed the dish. The fried green tomatoes were a treat, mixing old school south with new Latin flavors. For our entrees, we ordered AC’S Famous Fried Chicken and Whiskey Marinated Flat Iron Steak. Let’s start with the chicken better yet let’s just move to my favorite part THE BISCUIT! I would have been just as satisfied if they would have simply brought me a plate full of biscuits. This was easily the best biscuit I have ever had in my entire 20 something years on this earth! Now for the steak, I ordered it medium rare it was cooked to perfection the whiskey marinade really took it over the top and as far as whipped potatoes go Rye street has the blueprint. For our third course, we ordered the banana pudding and the buttermilk pie. The banana pudding was essentially just custard, a few bananas, and a sugar cookie compared to the other dishes I felt it failed in comparison. The buttermilk pie was light and refreshing. We can’t end this post without shouting out the best waitress who wasn’t even our waitress. Taneshia was awesome! She was efficient, attentive, and respectful. We can’t say enough of how great her service was keep being great Taneshia! Rye Street Tavern was a great finale to Baltimore Restaurant Week.

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The Intro.


We started the good food and girlfriends blog as a guide to connect friends through dining, shopping, and exploring. We are a Maryland based blog that aims to highlight modern restaurants, culture, and experiences to be shared amongst friends. This blog started from best friends that decided to go beyond the average weekend hang out spot and create an innovative girl’s night out. We want to share our personal adventures with you hoping you can share some laughs and vibes with your girls too.