Self Love.


So were almost to the time of the most the annoying holiday ever! Between the over exaggerated social media posts (why God must valentines fall on woman crush Wednesday) and the anti-Valentines extremists (we know we know valentines is just another pagan holiday used to suck money from us innocent civilians). Whether you’re booed up or bae-less this year. The most important thing is Self-Love! Here’s some girlfriend tips of loving and finding happiness by truly embracing you:

• Positive Affirmation- Self-love starts from the inside out! Whether it’s through leaving motivational post-its around reminding yourself how much of a queen you really are or morning pep talks about how wildly capable you are. The main objective is to remind yourself that you can conquer the world!
• Get Cute Without Reason- We all have those pieces that when you put it on you immediately slay! Whether it’s those killer heels or that bomb matte lipstick (that you paid way too much for). Wear it! Not for anyone else but yourself. We all know you look good you feel good. So, get dressed up and seize the day!
• Find your happy place- Maybe its cocktails at your favorite watering hole or Netflix with Chinese take-out. Do you boo! We all have those things that makes us especially happy. But don’t be afraid to step out of the comfort zone. Explore the different options around you who knows you may find a new favorite!
Moral of the story don’t get all wrapped up in the #couplesgoals you see around you. Love yourself first no one is you and that is your super power!

Keep it Classy!
The Girlfriends ❤

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