Culture Creators.

Our first culture creator is Monique Dove a visual artist that aims to evoke cohesion using artistic expression, acceptance of different perspectives, and the love of humanity. The girlfriends attended Monique’s second art exhibition “Freedom of expression and communication beyond lines, bias, traditions, and cultures. Monique uses visual art and poetry to address issues and bring change to the streets of Baltimore. This exhibition was very different from your average art showing. Yes, we viewed prints and sketches but Monique also made time for a q&a session and a get to know the artist segment. Monique was very open and transparent with personal stories explaining where she came from, the work she has done, and what she would like to accomplish in the future. The part that stood out to us the most was her explaining the inspiration for two of her pieces, her best friend being murdered and how art helped her cope with this pain as well as help other who were going through similar situations. Monique not only used this exhibition to showcase her art but also to inspire others to affect change by using their talents as well. Thank you Monique for sharing your art, being a culture creator, visionary, and true light to everyone around of you.

To contact and see more of Monique’s work.
Instagram: @Megapixelstoryteller
Facebook: Monique Dove

Keep it Classy!

The Girlfriends ❤


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